Saving the results to excel file.

I have a UI performance, in which I time certain events and then log the time results and send them via e-mail.

Now I want to store the timing results from several test runs in excel file, then average them and send the average timing results via e-mail.
I also want to be able to compare the results from the previous test run with the current test run.
May be have something like this:
Time to switch from view1 to view2 is 10sec +/- 3sec

Any help, guidance with this will be much appreciated.

Hello Anna

You may find the following useful information to get a duration difference on script runs logged to .csv file format and opened dynamically with Excel at the end of a script run.

RunWithNewResults Script, param  -- Eggplant
get the ScriptResults  -- Eggplant
get ScriptResults(ScriptName)   -- Eggplant
put container into filePath  -- SenseTalk
shell "command"  -- SenseTalk

and the topic of SenseTalk property lists…

Included is a sample suite/script which may be of some use. This Main.script runs a Script.script twice with different delays (3 and 5 seconds), then proceeds to get the results data from each run (2nd and 1st to last elements of the ScriptResults(“Script1”) list of results). By using the duration key name of each properly list and logging the difference it in a new file “/tmp/aName.csv”, we use the sensetalk shell command to “open” it with Excel via the OS X operating system.

I’m assuming you have Excel installed, as I do on my OS X 10.4.10 system.