runwithNewResults and logerror


In my script, I use “logerror”. according to help, it will set script result as failure, right?

In my master script, I write as this:

repeat with each testScript of TestList
RunWithNewResults testScript
put the result into outcome
convert outcome’s runDate to date and long time

put testScript & “:” && status of outcome && RETURN && RETURN after currentReport
put the logfile of outcome into currentLogfile
if the status of outcome is"Failure"
log"in failure process"
put “ErrorMessage” of last item of ScriptResults(testScript) after currentReport
put return after currentReport
insert folder(currentLogfile)&“Screen_Error.tiff” into attachfileList
end if

end repeat

if my testscript runs with an logerror happening, it can not run down after runwithNewResults,
it will gives an error STInvalidDateException Value is not a date: ‘’
if my testscript runs without an logerror happening, it will be fine.

I wonder whether logerror and runwithNewResult has any conflict?

There shouldn’t be any conflict between LogError and RunWithNewResults, and a very simple test here using your master script didn’t show any problem. I think there must be something else going on in your script when an error occurs that is leading to the problem you’re seeing.

Take a look at your test script to see if it is doing other things in that case that might possibly be having an impact. Also, what version of Eggplant are you running? My test was done using the latest release (4.12).

I am using 4.12 now. It works now, so strange, I don’t change anything.

Thanks anyway.