runscript command line ignores Eggplant preferences?

I have told Eggplant | Preferences that I do not want:

  1. reverse VNC connection
  2. automatic connection to the SUT on startup

And these are honored when I run Eggplant interactively. However, when I run my script via the command line ‘runscript’, here is what I get (which indicates that the reverse vnc connection is started and that it tries to connect to some machine:

2006-08-25 09:15:49.638 runscript[15840] Successfully Loaded XModule /Applications/ SenseTalkEngine.framework/Resources/STColor.xmodule
2006-08-25 09:15:49.870 runscript[15840] Listening For Reverse Connections on Port 5500
2006-08-25 09:15:50.805 runscript[15840] Approved License: Name = com.altera.2, Remark = , Serial = 7103, Users = 1
runscript (3.1) running in FULL mode on Host:9362328c.
2006-08-25 09:15:50.806 runscript[15840] Trying to connect - 5900
2006-08-25 09:15:50.913 runscript[15840] Sending Password
2006-08-25 09:15:50.979 runscript[15840] CONNECTING TO SERVER SC-XP-TEST
Screen Size 1024 X 768 [32 24 0 1]
2006-08-25 09:15:51.279 runscript[15840] Connection Established

Is there some other way to set these preferences for runscript?

Unfortunately, you can’t specify these preferences via runscript options. We’ll consider this as a feature request and will keep you updated. If you want to override the auto-connection at start-up from connecting to the wrong machine you can specify the host, port, and password options (Eggplant Reference, page 142).

Actually Eggplant should already honor those settings when you run Eggplant from the command line on the same account, if you run from a different account however it reverts to the default.

You can explicitly override the defaults (or the current user setting) by including these arguments in command line:

-AllowReverseConnections YES/NO
-RestoreConnection YES/NO

Thanks Jonathan. Guess I should have thought of that.

BTW, the commandline is getting run by a different user for automation purposes. (Maybe I should have thought of that too. :slight_smile: )


Hmm. I don’t see those command line options in the documentation marked version 3.1.

Is there a later version of documentation to get?

I’ll go take a peek at the website.

Those values aren’t explicit command-line options, those flags actually set the underlying application’s preferences.

Technically speaking, because of the Mac OS X preferencing system ALL preferences can be specified in this way. But documenting some of them would be really ugly and so it’s sort of an “as-needed” solution. Somewhat equivalent to modifying a Window’s Registry setting.

I see the plist file with the settings and had some fun playing with the OSX defaults command.

Thanks for the peek behind the curtain. :wink: