Running VNC over a VPN connection

Hello. I have a site with a VPN router in place. I have a VPN client on my MacBook and the connection works well.

I want to use VNC over my VPN connection to remote control an OS X Server at the site. (I need to get into both Filemaker and Retrospect at different times.) Do I need to make any changes to the VPN router to make this happen - port forwarding, ssh, etc?

I presume that I don’t have to do anything further since the VPN puts my MacBook “inside” on the local network. However, I just want to confirm that.


Hi David–

I do this all the time over our corporate network. I didn’t have to have our IT guy do anything. Unless some thing’s specifically blocked, it should work :slight_smile:

You should be fine if the VPN is set up correctly. The VPN makes your remote system seem as it is local in a subnet. If there are issues, make sure to read online from google searches how to properly configure and get a machine into a subnet via VPN. Your sysadmins should have done it correctly so make sure to hold them accoutable, it is in their domain of expertise.