Running Test script on two SUT

Hi, all

I am currently stuck on a design question using eggplant. Is it feasible to execute the following scenario?

  1. Client is running test suite on SUT 1 through the use of command line eggplant (./runscript).
  2. While running test suite, Client need to perform a sub-test on SUT 2 thru command line.


  1. Is it possible to start the sub test on SUT 2 thru ./runscript command inside a script of the current test suite assuming the sub test belongs to another test suite? If not, does the sub test need to be included in the current test suite in order for that to work?

Thanks, I appreciated for any help provided.

What you describe is doable but it will require two licenses of eggPlant. One for the GUI eggPlant and one for the CLI eggPlant, they can’t “share” a license.

Is there a reason the second script needs to be kicked off as a separate CLI process? Alternatively, you can connect to another SUT from within your script with the connect command and then you can run another script using runWithNewResults to isolate its log and result values.

Thanks Jonathan, I think that is the resolution I am seeking. I am just not sure what is the approach to get that work. But seems like what you have proposed will work for me. Let me give that a try.