Running suite in Command line - No Remote Connection error

My remote machine is a PC. If I manually connect to the remote machine through Eggplant (Connection–>Open Connection), it connects successfully.

If I try to run a test suite through command line, I get a ‘No Remote Connection’ message in the terminal window. The command I use is -
do script "/Applications/ /Users/admin/Documents/QA/Automation/Smoke.suite

After doing this, I am not even able to connect to the remote machine manually through Eggplant’s menu. I get an error message “Unable to find host - Connection timed out”.

I was using the command line successfully with previous Eggplant versions. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you may have disabled the automatically reconnect to SUT at startup, or you shutdown Eggplant without having a SUT connected.

Generally when running from Command Line you will want to explicitly connect from within your Script (or Suite) or else you can explicitly specify a SUT to connect to by using -host -port and -password parameters when starting Eggplant via command line.