Running Scripts at a particular time - Eggplant functional

is it possible to run scripts at a particular Time with Eggplant functional?

I have tried scheduling task with windows task scheduler and then running a runscript command - I then have an error message stating no valid license.

Is this due to license or is scheduling only possible with Eggplant manager ?

thanks for the help

There is a scheduler for EPF. Here is the link to the documentation:


Hi thanks for the information

As I have license for eggplant manager I am now able to use the schedules in eggplant manager.

is there a way I can connect to eggplant functional to run the scripts which I have already created ? or do I have to write completely new scripts in eggplant manager?

Hey Mustafa,

Eggplant manager can execute all Eggplant Functional scripts. It is used to schedule and manager everything required around like schedules, SUTs and more.

As Eggplant Manger is not actively developed anymore anymore. I suggest you are reaching out to your Eggplant Account manager that can provide an update and introduce you to our DAI as well.
DAI has a scheduler build in that allows you to execute all your existing scripts.

DAI Documentation link

If it helps you can send me a message with your company name and I’ll reach out internally to your account manager.

You are also welcome to reach out to our support team.