Running EggPlant from commant mode.

Hi ,
How can I run EggPlant from commant mode ? , ie like a batch file.Is there any scripts for that ?.Please let me know.
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Subin Raju,

There is a portion of the EggPlant Reference manual called “Running Scripts from the Command Line” that addresses this directly. You can find the manual through EggPlant by clicking the Help menu and then clicking Eggplant Help (Help>Eggplant Help). Then you can search for “Command Line” or even “Running Scripts from the Command Line”.

If you have a single license you can either run eggPlant through the GUI or the command line but not both at the same time. In the Command Line you will need to use a /runscript command and then insert the full path of the script.

If the description in the manual doesn’t help you or you can’t find it I can also explain it to you directly.