Running different scripts on SUT at the same time

Is it possible to run multiple scripts at the same time on the same SUT using eggplant functional?
Example: checking if we lose internet connection while doing some action and interacting with UI.
The idea is to catch the event when the internet goes off.

I think that you would be better served by trying to trap the error, and the catch would resolve the connectivity issue. When you speak of checking for a lost internet connection, is that connection 1) between the execution and the SUT or 2) within the SUT between the SUT and the application under test. If it is #1, your script will fail at that point because of “No SUT Available.” You could attempt to recover in the catch with a ConnectSUT command, but it may be difficult to pick up where you left off. If the connectivity issue is #2, you may be able to recover by adding a hard wait in your catch. You may find an option that works for you here: Error Handling

Hope this helps,