Run script by script !

I have some scripts and one main script ( Main.script ). I’d like to run script by script in main script. So, are there any function to run other script?

I’m using Eggplant SE. Can we configure or Are there any functions to run scripts with a schedule? For example, Eggplant will run main script automaticlly at 12:00PM everday?


All you need to do to call one script from another script is to put the second script’s name on a line in the first script. So if you have scripts called “doThis” and “doThat”, you can call “doThat” by putting the following line in “doThis”:


It’s also possible to pass parameters to a script. This is all described in the Using Eggplant manual under the Help menu.

SE does not have a scheduler and you cannot run it from the command line, so you can’t really run a particular script at a set time. The FT version of Eggplant does have a scheduling facility and you can run it from the command line so that you can run scripts via scheduling utilities like cron.