RightClicking to Force Quit an Application in iPhone

How do I RightClick twice very quickly that I am able to Force Quit an application?

The codes below did not work:

Set the MouseClickDelay to .0000001
Set the MouseDoubleClickDelay to .0000001
SetOption MouseMoveSpeed, .0000001
Set the MouseMoveDelay to .0000001

In iPhone, an application gives a Technical Difficulties message and the only way for it to continue working properly is to force the application to quit. Manually you would tap the Menu control twice very quickly and it pops up another screen with application icons that you can force quit.

Hi Kathryn.

If you want to double right click on iPhone to get the menu up, then the code below will work:

put the remoteworkinterval into mouse
put mouse
Set the RemoteWorkInterval to 0 
set the RemoteWorkInterval to mouse

The RemoteWorkInterval determines the minimum time eggPlant allows for the SUT to perform a task before sending the next event from a script. Setting the RemoteWorkInterval to 0 means the clicks occur almost instantly. Putting the current RemoteWorkInterval into a variable allows you to reset it to the previous setting later on in your script if you need to.

Information on the MouseClickDelay, MouseDoubleClickDelay, MouseMoveSpeed and MouseMoveDelay can be found on page 97 of the eggPlant Reference manual link below:


I hope this helps and thanks for using eggPlant.

Thanks it worked :slight_smile: