Right mouse click interpreted as left mouse click


I just stumbled into an issue that on an SuT running SnowLeopard, a right mouse button click will - after some time - not open the expected pop-up.

This happens at OS X Finder level, where I want to delete a file by selecting “Move to trash” from the context menu that opens on right mouse click. The not-so-funny experience is that once this error occurs (typ. close to the end of an 1 hour test task), not only the script fails, but also in “live mode”, the right mouse click does not take action. Instead, I will the pop-up menu, when I click the left mouse button - seems like Vine Server gets confused and reacts wrong.

Using latest versions of Vine Server (3.11) and Eggplant (10.11).

Has anyone any idea why this could change in the middle of a script run? and maybe how to prevent it…?


Is the SUT on a separate machine or is it an off-screen user on the EggPlant machine? Are you using a German keyboard or another non-English keyboard? (Not that this is necessarily a problem, just a data point.) So this happens when you’re running a script, is that correct? Are you scripting any modifier keys, like “keydown, controlkey”, and if so, have you made sure that there is a matching “keyup”? What have you tried to clear this? Does pressing and releasing the modifier keys with the Remote Screen Window in Live Mode (try doing this 2 or 3 times when the problem occurs) clear the problem up?