Returning values from a function

I have a function that reads some dynamic text from a specific window and parses out some values (numbers). (example: return (num1, num2))
I verified that num1 and num2 are being populated in the function.

There is no input for the function because the specific window is the only one being read. I simply run the function and try to put the return values into a container in the calling script.

I have tried a couple of different methods to utilize the data but neither works.

put readWin1 into values
log values
put readWin into (value1, value2)
log value1
log value2

To call your function you’ll need to either put parentheses after the function name, or use ‘the’ before it:

put readWin1() into values

put the readWin into (value1, value2)

Either of those will call the function. In your earlier code, readWin was being treated as a variable name, not a function call.