Return multiple values from a Handler


I am trying to find if there is a way to return multiple values from a Handler. Below snippet code does not return the values. Any idea?


params  DataID 
params Username
params Password

to handle GetData DataID *(//DataID is being passed from DAI)*
	set myDB to {type:"odbc", DSN:"Test",user:"Test_User",password:"Test_pwd",writable: Yes}
	put table "MyTable" of myDB into TableData
	put the records of TableData where (ID= DataID) into  TestData
	Put TestData.Username into Username
	Put TestData.Password into Password
	Return [ Username, Password]

end GetData

delete “params Username” and “params Password”
use following in EPF to get return values:
set [Username, Password] to GetData(DataID)

You can’t set DAI parameters to more than 1 retrun values.

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