Results in HTML report

I want to display my results in the format of html.
Is there any code for this requirement .
Suppose I executed one suite after execution it will automatically create report and also html file. If i click html report it will directly open one browser and display the results.

Like Tplan robot is giving reports in the form of html. so tester can easily find the Logerrors.

Please help me.

We have an example script right here on the forums.

[u]Reporting Results to the Web[/u]

It’s a simple approach to get you started, but you are welcome to expand on it and customize it to fit your needs.

not working…
if i select results folder showing like "No results found "

That’s the expected result when you run the script and select a suite that has no results. That HTMLReport script was written a long time ago, so it may not know how to find a results folder outside of a suite. So if your suite has an external results directory set, the script may need to be modified to take that into account.

Please send me example code files. It will be useful to other users .
Almost so many testing tools are giving HTML reporting after execution. My suggestion is improvement to eggPlant

The location of the external results folder will be stored in the SuiteInfo file at the top level of the suite. Just modify the existing code that you have to look for that value in that file.

Hello JonathanOSX

I have been going round and round in the forum and cannot find the actual suite for HTML report.
The example script link in your post ends up to a dead link.

Could you help please ?

Thank you.