Require more information on Reporting Structure.

Hi All,

I went through the Reporting example given in the Example section.

Is there any other way to report the results of the script for the whole suite as a whole :?:

If you run your scripts in the batch scheduler (Schedules tab for a Suite). Eggplant will generate a new log file for each script that you run. You should then be able to access the results for all of your scripts from the Results tab.

You can also write your own script to report the results of a suite. The Reporting suite - - should provide a good example on how to acheive this. Feel free to modify the Reporting example to suit your needs.

Hello EPJoK

Can you post a zip file to the forum as the link you mentioned is dead?

Thank you

Hi Neel - I see you commented on many posts re reporting. Did you get any further information on effective reporting mechanism? Thanks

Hello Shreyas - No luck. I have been looking at some of the code examples but nothing substantial to work with.

Have you got eggplant manager in your suite ? You can use that for some basic reports but nothing to call home about.

Any type of elaborate reports is too much to ask and I am not sure why the reporting part is so basic when that is also very important being the ‘end result’ of it all.

Let me know if you stumble upon something.

Hi neel,
Have you had any insight on the reporting part? thanks

Hello bhodow

I had to put together a script to use once the execution has finished. Nothing fancy as with graphs of any sort.