Require information regarding MAC OS

Hi all,

I require some information regarding the Mac OS - little out of track :smiley:

  1. As in Windows OS we have an option to see the application, processes, performance and Networking status using the ‘Windows Task Mangaer’. Similarly is there any option in Mac to check all these :?:

  2. Can we remotly access a Mac desktop on another Mac ??? and even from Mac to Windows or Windows to Mac!!! As we have option to use Winodws to windows system remotely, using ‘mstsc’ from Rum prompt :?:

Eagerly awaiting response :lol:

1- There is a fine tool called ActivityMonitor in /Applications/Utilities. This allows you lots of control and information about processes.

2- Of course! The most common way to access Mac desktops is actually with VNC. We recommend that you use our Vine Server (available freely from the downloads page of our website). From windows you can use any free VNC client, we recommend RealVNC or TightVNC.