Reporting in HTML format

I would like to send the results of the script run via e-mail in HTML format. Any tips, examples, suggestions will be appreciated.

You can use the SenseTalk SendMail(plist) where you specify either the attatchment to send, or you can even include formatted HTML as your source. Here are some links upon searching our forums for “SendMail”…

I also have written a MailExample.suite that you may find useful, and is included as an attatchment.

And finally using the Eggplant SendMail() command, you can specify as the parameters a property list which on page 92 of the Eggplant Reference Manual, you will find this useful…

“Content-Type”:? The mime type for the body of the e-mail. To send html, set the “Content-Type”
to “plain/html”. The default mime type is “plain/text”. (Please note that you need quotation marks
for both the key and the value of this property.)

We hope this helps, and you can make good use of the User Forums which contain a great amount of wonderful scripts to make your scripting life easy for you.

Hello Todd

Are there any updated links mentioned in your post as they are all dead links.

Could you please post some new ones ?

Thank you