Replacing umlauts

Hi there :slight_smile:

a short question here, does anybody got a good function for replacing umlauts (like ä,ö,ü)?

Make sure you have Release 20.1.0 that supports for Multi-Case If Statements. You can add way more diacritical characters to the function than what is in the example.

// Pass a string w/ diacritical marks in a particular character to replace and rebuild string
to CharConverter StrVar
	--Log StrVar -- debug
	set StrNumChar = number of characters in StrVar
	Repeat until StrNumChar = counter() - 1
		Set StrChar = character counter() of StrVar
		If StrChar is ...
			"ä" : set StrChar = "a"
			"ï" : set StrChar = "i"
			"é" : set StrChar = "e"
			"ö" : set StrChar = "o"
			"ü" : set StrChar = "u"
		End If
		Set TextVar = TextVar & StrChar 
	End Repeat
	Return TextVar
end CharConverter

Set newText = CharConverter("naïveté")
log newText

Thank you :slight_smile: that helped :grin: