RemoteClipboard via IPKVM

Good Morning everybody,

We have been working with ePF for the last couple of weeks via an RDP to multiple SUT’s. The remoteClipboard feature has worked a charm and has been really useful.

I have since moved onto connecting a SUT via an adderlink IPEPS IP KVM and ran the same scripts containing a remoteClipboard command.

It seems as if the ePF cannot see the clipboard and returns nil values.

In my opinion this makes sense as the KVM option is supposed to be non-intrusive, therefore only reflecting a users actions, would someone be able to clarify if this is the case?

Many thanks!

Yes, that’s exactly right The KVM connects to the Keyboard, Video, and Mouse of the SUT, but has no access to internal information like the clipboard contents. In that situation you may want to look at using the ReadText function to read information from the screen instead.

Thanks for the reply, I thought as much but was just wanting to clarify.