RemoteClipboard() does not work in Eggplant 4.0? Bug?

I am capturing a content from my SUT by using the following:

–open text file–
typeCommand “C”
put RemoteClipboard(10) into myData
put myData

and I receive the following error message:
“Selection failed in 0:00:20 Error Running script command remoteclipboard. Error - No new clipboard info retrieved within 20 seconds.”

The above code works just fine with Eggplant 3.2.1 but it gives me this error in Eggplant 4.0.
Is it a bug in 4.0???

to preclude a bug, increase the wait to 30 seconds, there might be some process on the host or network traffic causing the fault. Better advice will surely be along real soon now. I’ve had my troubles with remote clipboard, which at times was as solid as stone, and others as frustrating as anything.

Please ensure in your scripting that you have selected what you want to copy to the clipboard. Note also the use of lower case, sometimes this does matter, depending on the application of course.

-- start state, assume a new TextEdit document is opened
TypeText "Hello Anna " & the long date
TypeCommand "a"
TypeCommand "c"
put RemoteClipboard(10) into myData
put myData 

This was tested on a MacBook Pro 17" Core 2 Duo, 2 gig ram, and Eggplant v4.01 (please download the latest build) along with Vine Server 2.2.

I tried remoteClipboard(40), and got the same error message.

Hi Todd,
I used the code that you posted.
Text gets selected.
I could see that the copy command works too -the Edit menu gets highligted when typeCommand “C” is executed. But remoteClipboard() command gets nothing.
My SUT is MAC OS 10.4.10.

Here is my latest attempt with success…

EP System: MBP 17" Core 2 Duo, OS X 10.4.10, Eggplant v4.01
SUT System: PB 17" PPC, FUS Account, OS X 10.4.9, Vine Server 2.2
Wifi Topo: Linksys Wifi, pretty slow, but works fine.

I’ll keep trying to duplicate your problems, but here we have it running on local FUS SUT accounts, and over Wifi FUS SUT accounts. The only thing I can think of other than this is wired LAN problems, wifi problems on your side, Vine Server not configured properly (maybe a reinstall would help, along with possibly wiping out your defaults database info for com.redstonesoftware.Vine as a last resort).

First off you want to make sure that you are connecting to a Desktop Server (not a System Server).

If you continue to have trouble you might disable Rich Clipboard support at the Server level (Sharing Tab).

Problem solved.
I upgraded my Vine server to 2.2
Then restarted Eggplant and it works fine now.

It seems to me that remoteClipboard doesn’t work on windows SUT. I am trying same code but doesn’t work at all. I have windows xp professinal SUT ,text get selected but remoteClipboard doesn’t work? Can someone please help me to solve my problem. Eggplant is 3.3 is running on my Mac os.

Eggplant 3.3 should definitely work with Windows VNC. Which VNC are you using on Windows?