Remote Tools for Windows Mobile Devices

Is it possible to use other Remote Tools (MYMobiler, etc) to remote Windows Mobile devices from EggPlant Connection Window?

I’ve an issue with the Pocket VNC where it fails to run forever to implement a scenario hence looking for other remote tools.

Appreciate if any one use any remote tools to remote Windows Mobile Devices from EggPlant!!!

I know eggplant only allows VNC’s but interested to hear more!!!

TestPlant has a proprietary VNC server for WindowsCE. You should contact your Account Manager to get more details and determine if it’s appropriate for your test.

Thank you Jonathan, I see Mobile Real VNC is reliable for Windows CE but all I need to get license key from EggPlant Team where I need to invoke Remote Connection by using “Mobile VNC” option from Remote Viewer.

Test Plant has given me a trail key to use this but I guess this will extended for 2 years.

Thanks Team.