Remote installation of the OSXvnc server.

Hello guys,

I want to install OSXvnc server remotely on my Apple xServ server. I have there Mac os X Tiger 10.4.6. Could you share the info how can I install OSXvnc server from the command prompt.

Any way I can start the OSXvnc server but I can’t connect with a OSXvnc viewer. On the different Mac client I have a GUI, so i could set OSXvnc server to start when the system start up after rebooting and it works fine.

How can I did this from the command prompt?

Thak you in advance.


I did this command on the apple server:
/Applications/ -rfbauth .osxvncauth -rendezvous 2 -connectHost local_IP -connectPort 5901

After this command I could connect with the chicken of VNC to the server from the Mac, but it’s unpossible to connect from the Windows with the VNC viewer. Do you have any ideas?

Well you have the right idea going, you are starting the server correctly from command line.

In the example you give you are giving an explicit -connectHost and -connectPort that OSXvnc will try to connect to. If you just want to turn the server ON in regular listen mode then omit those arguments and you should be able to connect from any VNC client.

If you have any other problems it’s probably a firewall or network configuration issue, once the server is running it’s agnostic in terms of who is connecting to it.