Remote Connection Unavailable randomly happens


I am connected to a XP using the VNC and when I start running a script it works fine but once in a while I get the error Remote Connection Unavailable.
This happens a lot after the Image Doctor is used and searches for a image so I can doctor it up a bit. It also happens at other times randomly when it is searching for a image using the ImageFound function but does not give that error but sometimes takes up to 5 minutes to get through the function and normally only takes about a minute and the SUT window seems to be a couple of minutes behind what is actually happening because of the eggplant script. Also after the remote connection is unavailable it will eventually reconnect itself even if I don’t disconnect it through eggplant. Any ideas on what could be causing this? My other MAC with eggplant does not have this problem.

Is the firewall getting in the way? I have my xp machines set up to allow firewall traffic for VNC and the TIG.

Any antivirus software you might have may flag VNC as a problem as well.

We have occasionally had reports of this kind of issue – we think essentially the problem is a network communications issue. The weird thing for Eggplant’s part is that it does eventually reconnect which makes it seems like there is no cause for the error. We are looking at that as a bug with an eye for a fix in the next release.

But it doesn’t really solve the core issue. You might review your Console log and see if there are Eggplant messages about reconnection attempts and see if there is anything causing your network timeouts/slowdowns.

Couple other items that might help you guys out I am using a router but used to use it with no problems as well. I will look into the console log and see what is happening and determine if the antivirus software on one of the machines is causing the problem. Thanks for the advice. I have made the appropriate exceptions for VNC for the firewall.

Here are the console results from one of the Remote Connection Unavailable incidents. Hopefully this will help.

11/02/09 2:47:43 PM Eggplant[3542] *** -[NSConditionLock unlockWithCondition:]: lock ( ‘(null)’) unlocked from thread which did not lock it
11/02/09 2:47:43 PM Eggplant[3542] *** Break on _NSLockError() to debug. 11/02/09 2:49:05 PM Eggplant[3542] No Remote Connection:
imagefound Error - Remote Connection Unavailable
11/02/09 2:50:09 PM Eggplant[3542] No Remote Connection:
click Error - Remote Connection Unavailable
11/02/09 2:50:09 PM Eggplant[3542] No Remote Connection:
click Error - Remote Connection Unavailable