Remote Connection Unavailable on Vista test host

I have a script which is supposed to connect to a Vista test host from a Mac machine X, which has runner license in it. My script has these few lines:

Log "Connecting to" && <host>
Connect <host>, <port>, <password>
Log "Is it connected?"

When I ran this script in Mac machine X, I can only see the first log statement get printed out, followed by error below:

Unable to connect to Server:2 on port:
Connection failed:Error resolving host

My other observations below leads me to think that additional settings might be required on Vista machine in order to allow VNC connection from Mac machine X:

Observation 1: The same test can be ran successfully from Mac machine Y (which has developer license) on the same Vista test host

Observation 2: The same test can be ran successfully from Mac machine X, on Linux RHE5 test host.

Any pointers?

I have to leave Vista logged in in order to actually connect to it.

This definitely isn’t a Vista issue. The error that you are getting (Error resolving host ) indicates that it’s not sure what machine you want to connect to. If you are running from Command Line using a different user you might not have all the same entries in your connection list.

I would recommend connecting using an IP address or a real DNS entry ( instead of an alias or Bonjour name that it might not be able to resolve.

Thanks for the pointer. It works properly with my runner license after I use IP address for the test host connection :slight_smile: