Relative paths for helper suites when using version control

I would like to be able to set the path to a helper suite based on the current path of the suite. Is this possible?

So either something like: …/…/Utilties.suite

Or SuiteInfo().path/…/Utilties.suite

I would like the helper suites to be mapped correctly when someone gets a clean version of the repository.

I had a similar need and here is how I solved it:

//ResourcePath() is an Eggplant command and I store the value into a variable
Put ResourcePath() into AbsolutePathOfCurrentSuite

//Since I do not need the last part of the path, only up to the folder´s project I split the string that is contained in AbsolutePathOfCurrentSuite variable.
Split AbsolutePathOfCurrentSuite by "NameOfCurrentSuite.suite" 

//The split will generate an array of 2 items, I use the first item since it is the one that contains the path up to the project´s main folder 
Put item 1 of AbsolutePathOfCurrentSuite into ProjectPath

After that we can use ProjectPath to dynamically find files or another folders within the project regardless of the users location of the project’s folder.

Hopefully this helps you and If someone else has a more direct way to do this, please share :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you. So, when does this run? Did you make a pre-run script that runs before all scripts or similar? Or did you find a way to include it in the settings of the suite?

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that part , sorry hehe. Since we connect to a mobile device that part is implemented on a script that creates the connection, so it runs before all the scripts but you could also use a Master.script to also do it before running all the scripts.
This is the link to the documentation about Master Script in Eggplant page: