Regarding automating Check box/ List Box etc controls info

Hi, In order to recognize/ verify the check box/ list box/ drop down list, do we use imagefound(“ImageName”) or are there any other better approaches? Would you please share your experience on that…

You don’t provide much detail for this scenario, but yes, in general if you’re trying to verify the contents of a drop down, you’ll use the imageFound() function. If you’re inputting values in one part of your app that end up populating controls in another part of the app, then you can use the Text Image feature to generate images of the strings that you’re using as input. You should look in the documentation for “data-driven testing” (it should be on or around page 30 of the Using Eggplant guide, depending on the version that you’re using.) So you might step through a file or list of values, entering each one into your application, then move to where they should appear in the dropdown list and iterate through the list again using the imageFound() function to verify that they appear.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to verify about the checkbox(es), so I can’t really say what the code would be like for that.