refreshScreen not working

I am using UltraVNC to connect to my SUT, and most of the times the refreshscreen command works, but sometimes an image that is correct on the SUT is not fully updated for Eggplant.

This is leading to a lot of false positives.

I am a fairly new Eggplant user, but it seems to me that a full screen refresh should pick up that change.

I am running Eggplant 10.23 on a Mac OS x 10.5.

You generally shouldn’t need to use the RefreshScreen command at all. There may be a problem with your “polling” settings in UltraVNC. You might also see better results if you change a setting in eggPlant by opening a Terminal window and entering the command:

defaults write Eggplant AlwaysRequestFBU YES

This changes the way that eggPlant asks for screen updates from the VNC server. Some VNC servers don’t react well to this behavior, but it should be fine with UltraVNC.

Please post back and let us know whether this improves the situation.

That has not fixed the issue, quite the contrary, it has made other Test cases fail for the same reason.

It has also made working through Eggplant on the SUT less responsive.

It sounds like you have a slow network connection. You can remove that setting by entering the following command in the Terminal:

defaults delete Eggplant AlwaysRequestFBU

I’d first recommend that you try using RealVNC since it tends to work well in its default configuration and doesn’t have a ton of options for how it polls the screen. For UltraVNC, I’d recommend that you turn on “Poll Foreground Window” and “Poll Window Under Cursor”. I’d also recommend disabling the “Video Hook Driver” setting.

EggPlant should generally compensate for slow connections because it waits for a full-screen update before it fails an image search. If it’s requesting one and not getting it from the VNC server (the server is apparently indicating that all the updates have been sent), then the fault lies with the server and not with eggPlant.

Thank you for the quick replies. Those options were already setup in UltraVNC.

You believe changing to RealVNC will solve my problems?

I can try that.

So far the changes is almost miraculous.

I would like to suggest an upgrade from ultraVNC to my manager, and I would like to study the best available to me. RealVNC has been great so far this morning, but I would like more input so I can present a full breakdown.

What is the best recomendation from TestPlant regarding this for Windows 7 and Windows XP?