Referring global or universal property list

Hi all,

I am new to Eggplant scripting.

I have a situation, where I want to define a set of property list in Script A. Example:

Script A:
put {Name:“Bob”, Age:“17”} into userName

and I have Script B as the main test script.

my question is how do I referring / access userName.Name in Script B?

thank you

You could uses a global definition:
Script a:
global g_UserName
put {Name:“Bob”, Age:“17”} into g_UserName

To consume it in another script (or different function) you first have to re-define the same global name and then you can consume the value.

Script b:
global g_UserName

…use values here…

You can also load it as a CONST. I dont think you have to constantly re-define a CONST in order to access it though… so easier to consume but more cumbersome to set. I have not used CONST but am considering looking into it.
If, like me, your scripts are heavily functionalised, the CONST route may be a better approach to save missing the redefinition in EVERY function that uses it.


You have to pass the variable to Script B. there are a number of ways to do this. As a Global, as a suite variable, write it to a resource, or (the easiest) send it when you call Script B:

Script A looks like this:

put {Name:"Bob", Age:"17"} into userName
run "Script_B" userName

Script B looks like this:

Params userName
Log "Username:"&&userName.Name
Log "Age:"&&userName.Age

But really, for simple data fetching of this sort I would make the username data a function:
Script A looks like this:
Log ("Handlers".userName).Name
Script “Handlers” looks like this:

to userName
	put {Name:"Bob", Age:"17"} into userName
	return userName
end userName

I actually really like the functinliase idea… kind of like just hand-cranking a bunch of read-only properties, without the need for the global re-declaring business…

Coming from a dev background I was hung up on the “global” keyword and being frustrated by how it [doesn’t] work… this has changed how i have been thinking about things

thanks loganC



Wonderful solution. Thank you for the help

Thank you Paul for the help

Hi Siti,
There ist another useful approach top solve your task. Remember that EP is a object-oriented language. Put into a.script
Name: “Bob”,
Age: 17
Ende Properties

In Your b.script You can work with

set myA to a new object of a
Put merge(“The age of [[]] is [[ myA.age]]”) – The age of Bob is 17


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Thank you GammaG. It is really useful.