Recover history of logs for OSXvnc-server.log

While Vine Server 2.0 was on, my was recently hacked into. As far as I can tell the hacker typed random letters in filenames and folder names. When I opened my IM, random letters were typed there too. I found the log (OSXvnc-server.log) and was able to see the hackers IP. However, I reset the password and therefore reset the log and the IP information with it. How do I recover past logs for Library/Logs/OSXvnc-server.log?

Unfortunately the log file in ~/Library/Logs is not archived in any way at this time so if you didn’t make a copy of that log it is probably lost now.

The system server log file in /var/logs is archived to preserve the prior most recent log (since it automatically is replaced on reboot).