recomended windows vnc client Hex,raw ect

Can someone recomend the best windows client to work with the VineServer?

And what compression should you use for over limited cable modem upload speeds? ZRLE,Hex,Raw ect

thanks for the great work

Any VNC client should work: TightVNC, RealVNC, and UltraVNC to name a few. You’re going to have to try them out to see what works best for you.

In regards to encodings, I would recommend that you experiment around to see what works best for you. I wouldn’t recommend that you use “Raw” over a slow connection. Raw does not utilize any compression or encoding. Therefore, the amount of data transmitted with raw can be pretty large.

You can also improve VNC performance if you limit the amount of data that needs to be transmitted/encoded by lowering your color and resolution settings.

Generally over a slow connection (non-LAN) you will want the strongest encryption possible, so ZlibHextile and ZRLE are the best choices.

Just one small note, the ZlibHextile encoding used in Vine is NOT compatible with the ZlibHextile in UltraVNC, if you want to connect to UltraVNC servers then you need to turn that off in Vine Preferences.