Recent Problems with Vine Server

Not sure if it’s related to 10.6.3 but it seems it might be…

I am using the System Server. If the machine reboots and sit at the login window, I can not access it via Vine Server. The server is up as I can connect, however the connection is closed right away. Sometimes it will work but the screen is blank, I can still type my password.

I am also experiencing random times where this happens after the login window.

Any clues as to what the problem can be ?

Check the Console on both machines for any log messages related to VNC/the connection. I’ve been experimenting and the only problem that I see going to the system server on 10.6.3 is that you will lose the connection during the log in while the server is shut down and then restarted, but that’s not really a new thing. When the server comes back up I’m able to reconnect without any issues.