reboot mobile device

how to reboot my mobile device via the eggplant script.
Could you please help me with the script command

What kind of device are you running against? Does the device itself provide a restart command/option? If the device allows you to restart it via software alone (without using any of the physical buttons on the device), then your script would restart the device the same way a user would. If you can only restart the device using physical buttons in the case of the device, then you will not be able to restart it via eggPlant.

An android device.
I found one adb command for displaying the devices from the testplant doc :
ADBCall() Function

Example: ADBCall(“devices”) --Returns a list of the available devices
The eggplant version I use(14.01) should ideally be supporting these commands, but this command doesn’t seemed to be recognized by eggplant. Similarly if it does could I use adb reboot ?

any suggestions ?

The ADBCall() function was introduced in v14.20, so it is not supported in the version you were using. If you know a command that will restart the device, you could call it via the shell command in a script:

shell "adb somecommand"