Reassign the Key for Quick Complete

is there some hint to reassign the shortcut-key for ‘Quick Complete’
from ‘F5’ to some other key-combination like ‘Tab’, ‘shift-Tab’ or what ever? A Shortcut like in RealBasic perhaps.

Maybe in the preferences or a line in a plist-File?

(We have here this new alu-keyboard from Apple, with Apple-Shortcuts on the Function-Keys; for ‘F5’ we must play with the key ‘fn’-and-‘F5’.)

thank you!


I don’t have one of these keyboards, but google pointed me to this some time ago:

I’ve not tried this under 10.5 yet but it should work. That made things like home and end work properly in the mac os.

Hope this helps

All menu shortcuts can also be re-assigned using the following procedure:
[list]Launch System Preferences
Select Keyboard and Mouse --> Keyboard Shortcuts
Hit [+] to add a new shortcut
Select Eggplant as the Application
Enter the Menu Title of the menu item EXACTLY as it appears (with ellipsis if necessary)
Enter the Shortcut area and hit the modifier set you want.
Unfortunately you can’t set just “Tab” but you could probably do “Ctrl-Tab” or something.

Many thanks for your two fast reply!
There are often a solution so closely … The thing with the ‘System Preferences’ --> ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’, I forgot about it. :slight_smile:

crtl-Tab’ i couldn’t enter. You can this?

Several other shortcuts I could enter, and the shortcut appears correct after a restart in eggplant, but many shortcut doesn’t work (maybe used from other places). Interestingly, ‘F5’ works always, also with a new shortcut in the menu. :slight_smile:

The F5 works through the mechanic posted by Allen Fisher (the text bindings), we have it also mapped as a Keyboard Shortcut to remind people.

Unfortunately System Preferences doesn’t allow TAB shortcuts (even with control). So you can do the low level thing and set it from terminal using the special values provided in the link above for Ctrl-Tab-

defaults write com.redstonesoftware.Eggplant NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add Complete “^\U0009”

You don’t want to add just tab this way because it will prevent you from using Tab in a “typical” way.