ReadText function appends values

Hello all,

I am facing an unique issue regarding the readtext function. I am trying to validate a keyboard by fetching values from the excel and comparing it with the value typed on the screen. To read this value from the I am using readtext. I have close to 4 values given in the excel. Of which for 3 values, the validation is failing because the readtext function is adding a “” and a “7” from nowhere.
Please help me out resolve this issue

log readtext(“imagename”,Lowresolutionmode:“yes”,Aggressivetextextraction:“yes”,DPI:100,Validwods:“Sample words”)

  1.  click "imagename" //Hotspot should be at text field
    typetext controlKey,a,controlKey,c
    put RemoteClipboard() into Verify
    if ExcelWorld = Verify
    logsuccess “pass”
    logError “Fail”
    end if