readTable not working

Have a list with 3 columns. The first column is an icon, the second column is a single world and the last column is word_word_word format.

When I give coordinates for the the table whether I include the first column or not I always get the notification: No table found.

I am using Linux 11.3 right now.

Without seeing the image it’s impossible for us to investigate whether there are any settings that might help. Generally with readTable() it’s a question of getting the boundary of the search area right, where “right” just means adjusted so it achieves the result you are looking for. You generally need to have the table fully within the search area. It’s possible that the column of icons is throwing it off, and as you’ve found, it may not work to exclude that column via the search area. If you submit a screenshot via the support email address, we’ll be happy to look into whether there is a way to read the table.

You should upgrade to eggPlant 12.1 when it is released later this week. The only mechanism we have to roll out fixes is to release new versions, and we generally only investigate issues if they can be reproduced in the current release.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the image because it is on a different network.

Addtional clue is that when I am able to collect some text via readText I can see (possibly for a tab).

Is there a way to just grab a column or two based on tab characters?

You may be able to use readText() to read the text in the columns and then parse the result. There are tips on working with the OCR feature at