reading text from sut running redhat Linux

hI i want to copy sometxt from windows and Linux sut
it does not seem to work for me

windows 200 running tightvnc
rh9.0 running realvnc

tripleclick ("image ")
if platform is “linux” or if platform is “windows”
typetext controldown &“c” & controlup
put remoteClipboard() into variable
answer variable
end if

this gives a null

Your code appears to be fine and should be working. A few questions/ideas:

  1. Are you able to make this work manually? Can you press control-c in Live Mode and paste the remote clipboard contents on the Eggplant machine?

  2. If this isn’t working on Linux, it could be because of the way the clipboard was implemented in the application you are testing. There are two mechanisms for implementing *nix clipboards, and only one of them is visible to VNC. The latest release of RealVNC for *nix includes an application called vncconfig. Here are some relevant notes from the documentation:

When run with no options, it runs as a kind of “helper” application for Xvnc. Its main purpose when run in this mode is to support clipboard transfer to and from the VNC viewer(s). Note that without a running instance of vncconfig there will be no clipboard support.

This doesn’t explain why it wouldn’t be working on Windows, but it’s something you should be aware of.

  1. Are you certain that the tripleclick() function is selecting the text? Did you write the tripleClick() function, or did we?

I hope this gets you headed in the right direction.