Re-organising my images

If I drag & drop an image from one image sub-folder to another my script is no longer able to find it. Presumably my system hasn’t updated the associated ‘path’ info to the image’s new location? Is there any simple fix other than to re-capture the image from scratch?

Thanks for considering this.


I wouldn’t recommend recapturing the images. Instead you should modify your script to reference the new location. So if “MyImage” had been in FolderA and it’s now in FolderB do a find and replace from “FolderA/MyImage” to “FolderB/MyImage”.

If you are using those folder’s as Image Collections you might want to read up on that in the Eggplant Help.

Unfortunately, at this time Eggplant doesn’t have a global search and replace feature (it’s on our list). Instead we do provide an example SenseTalk script that will find and replace by suite.