"Refresh display" problem

Hi all,

currently my SUT is a Windows 7 VM running on Parallels Desktop.
I am running a lot of scripts and after a while I have got a refresh problem.
The display freezes but all script commands are performed correctly.

Eggplant is installed on an iMac with OSX Lion.
UltraVNC Server is installed on SUT.

Sometimes even a reconnection won’t solve the problem.

Is this error known and how can I avoid it?


Which version of eggPlant are you running?

eggPlant 11.11-Mac (1112041427)

Please try setting this flag in a terminal (for the eggPlant user):

defaults write Eggplant DrawBitmapEnabled YES

Then restart eggPlant and let us know if the problem goes away.


I’ll monitor it the next days.

Thank for your help.

Does not occur anymore.

Thanks for helping me.