"osxvnc" & "chick' o. vnc" combo: sh

hi there,

i am running osxvnc and it’s working really great. i’d like to use it in e-learning to show my students, what’s going on on my screen. will talk and grin to them via quicktime-streaming-server.

but there’s one problem: how can i make the cursor of the master’s machine (where osxvnc is running) visible to the connected clients?

is it possible, am i missing something?
thanx for your help in advance.

OSXvnc supports “remote cursors” which is an extension to the basic protocol that VNC uses.

RealVNC and TightVNC both support this. Unfortunately at this time Chicken of the VNC does not implement this feature.

I know the Chicken team is hoping to add this feature.