"NSXMLErrorDomain" in EggPlant Logs

Can someone please explain me the attached EggPlant logs and why the it parse an error???

As a result, I cannot successfully run the script as it STOP in middle with a success message (which is bizarre).

Appreciate, if someone could get back to me ASAP.

The forums aren’t your best source for primary support. If you are having an urgent problem it’s best if you email support which will be given highest priority.

The forums are a good source for community suggestions about how to approach a particular automation, or to ask non-critical questions.

In this case it’s unclear what’s even causing that error. You might need to submit your suite or data file (if your script is trying to read a data file) to determine what’s going on.

Looking further it seems that you might have a problem with the RunHistory.xml file that is in your Suite’s Results folder. Moving that aside (or removing it) should resolve the problem and you should send the file to support for review.

I agree. In fact, I believe - Forums are helpful to check the responses from EggPlant members as I see there’s a TimeZone difference as well.

In fact, you don’t believe, the response you posted on this forum is faster than the response I received from Support@testplant.com

No worries, will make sure to post any queries to above email address.

Thanks for the comments.