Putting actual load time in the clipboard.

Howdy. I’m trying to do something fancy and I’m stuck on one part…

I want to go to the SUT - I CAN DO THIS
Load a webpage - I CAN DO THIS
Wait for it to finish loading (IE7 I check for the word “done” at the bottom) - I CAN DO THIS
IF the page doesn’t load in 10 seconds - I CAN DO THIS
THEN email certain folks. - I CAN DO THIS

Put the time it DID take “DONE” to show up on the clipboard. - NOT SURE HOW TO DO THIS

Login to our wiki page and past that time into a page - I CAN DO THIS

Thanks for any tips!


You can use code like this to time with fair accuracy the time it took to complete an action (this can be done around an entire script or larger portion of a script as well):

put now into starttime
// perform desired actions
put now minus starttime into elapsed
log "Process x took" && elapsed && "seconds"

Some further coding can be done to output the time in a different format.