Processing JSON


I have a JSON that is being returned in a response which I need to process (I need to count the occurrences of a specific label stored in the JSON)

I’ve noticed that json-simple-1.1.1.jar is included in the eggPlant Performance installation but I don’t seem to be able to import it. I’ve added it in Eclipse but I get a package does not exist error when I compile.



Hi Jon

Sorry we’ve been slow picking up on this post! (BTW, please use your support account to ensure a speedy response, we are happy to respond to any “how to” question!)

You need to add the jar file to the class path specified by the relevant VU profile. Go to the profiles folder of the target VU type and select the profile (normally for a Web VU). Add the jar to the class path. You should specify the path of the jar on the controller. If the file is present on the same path on the injector machines then no need to select “Transfer to injector”, if in doubt then select this .