Problems with version 3.0

I just downloaded version 3.0 and am having problems. I’m running Eggplant on a PPC but when I connect to an Intel based machine, the remote screen is messed up. The window title keeps flashing and it’ll take me several times to close the window. It almost seems like it re-opens after I close it. My scripts that ran perfectly on the previous version no longer work… at least when run on Intel based Macs.

But one big problem I’m having is that during capture mode, most of the buttons on the toolbar are disabled. Is there a new way of capturing images on this new version?

Maybe I’ll just try to re-install again…


First we just want to make sure that you are running OSXvnc 1.71 on any Mac SUTs (particularly Intel ones).

I’m not certain if you are saying that the Remote Screen Window title is flashing or that a Window on the SUT is flickering – could you describe that more precisely.

The Capture mode behavior shouldn’t have changed significantly in 3.0 (although now you have a toolbar icon to capture TEXT and to Generate a command that reuses Images). Let us know if restarting the application doesn’t clear that up.

Hi Jonathan,

I’m not actually using OSXvnc since I’ve never had problems with the native VNC on the Mac. I’ll have to try and install OSXvnc and see if things get better.

Yes, it is the remote screen window title that is flashing, can’t really read what it says since it’s flashing so fast… seems like it’s trying to re-connect. And it takes me several tries to close the window as it keeps re-opening. This could also be due to me not using the OSXvnc.

I did notice the capture TEXT icon and that is enabled, but the rest are disabled.

I’ll let you know if everything is better after using OSXvnc. Strange that everything worked fine before though. Unfortunately I won’t be able to try OSXvnc right away as I’m off for vacation :slight_smile: but I’ll let you know when I get back.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, unfortunately the built-in VNC server that is part of ARD has some stability issues that make it unappealing for Eggplant and limits the capabilities of it’s testing. Therefore we only support OSXvnc for connecting to Mac OS X machines.

Having said all that, we just did some tests here and EP 3.0 does seem to still be working fine with ARD 2.X on both Intel and PPC. If you discover anything more about this issue please let us know.