problems with quicktime movie file

We recorded a movie using eggplant, we are able to playback the movie using the eggplant MAC, but we can not play the same movie file using quicktime on Windows.

The error code we recieve is Err#2048 “Can not open file becaus it is a not in a format quicktime recognizes.”

Has anyone run into this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately not all Quick Time tools (including Quicktime on Windows) are capable of working directly with the movie that we export.

We do intend to add compression and alternate encodings to a future version of Eggplant but in the short term there is a very easy workaround:

1- Please download the free QT_TOOLS from this location:
For 10.5:?
For 10.4:?

2- As root (or using sudo) run the script inside the DMG

3- Using the qt_export tool you can compress or switch to alternate encodings – even doing a default conversion will greatly reduce the movie size and make it more compatible:
example:?/usr/local/bin/qt_export ~/Movies/ ~/Movies/

Thanks for the information :smiley: