Problems with OSXvnc 1.61 on Tiger

I’ve been using OSXvnc on my iMac now for a while and it works great! After upgrading to Tiger, I made sure to update OSXvnc to version 1.61. I have it configured to start on system startup and I disabled ARD so there’d be no conflicts on port 5900.

Using my VNC clients on my Powerbook (Chicken of the VNC 2.0b2) and Treo650 (Palm VNC 2.0.5 build 214) works almost flawlessly.

So, when I bought my parent’s a Mac Mini w/ Tiger, I decided to set up OSXvnc 1.61 exactly the same way it is on my iMac (including the same password). I verified port 5900 was free then I turned on the option to make this a start up item. Then I rebooted the machine. This machine automatically boots into my parent’s account which has admin privileges.

When the system came back up, I did a ps and saw the OSXvnc-server process and the keepalive process. A netstat revealed the port 5900 was indeed in use. However, when trying to connect on my Powerbook, it’d immediately fail. I viewed the log in the console and it’d either say there was another program using port 5900 (not true) or I entered the wrong password (again, not true).

From the cmd line, I killed the 2 OSXvnc processes and port 5900 again was free. Then I just issued the cmd

nohup ./OSXvnc-server &

from the directory (or something like that). After that, I could use Chicken of the VNC to access the machine. Of course, now when the machine gets rebooted, I have to ssh in and manually start the server.

Also, when using my PalmVNC client, it’s complaining that protocol RFB 003.008 is in use and my client only supports RFB 003.003. Obviously, I’m not having this problem with OSXvnc 1.61 on my iMac.

Can anyone help me with these problems?

Thank you

Well this time I was able to fix it. I don’t think I did anything different than any previous time… perhaps I just paid more attention to what I was doing this time.

I started up OSXvnc-server from a ssh session. Once in, I opened OSXvnc 1.61. I set the port to “Auto”, reentered the password, and hit “Disable Startup Item”. I also cleared out the log and made sure any instance of OSXvnc was killed except for the one I manually started.

Then I just hit the “Configure Startup Item” again and that started OSXvnc-server on port 5901.

Next, I killed the OSXvnc-server instance I manually started (running on port 5900) and then tried to get into the machine through my VNC client on port 5901. This time it worked!

Funny thing is, the PalmVNC issue was cleared up too. Perhaps there’s a cmd line switch I’m not seeing that OSXvnc uses when it’s started through the application interface.