Problems with national characters.

I get the console printout, as shown below, when i hit the ? character while using TightVNC on my PC to connect to Vine server. The server doesn’t die, as I’ve read others had problems with, but the Swedish characters ?, ? and ? doesn’t get sent to the Mac, and that is really a nusanse.

OSXvnc-server[20317] Warning: Unable to determine Key Code for X Key Sym 246 (0xf6)

I use the latest version of Vine server.

Any clues on how to fix this problem?

If you want character ? you will need to type the sequence option-u-u. In short, you need to emulate the exact same key sequence needed on the Mac keyboard to generate the exact character you desire.[/list]

Well, that don’t work for me. I have swedish keyboard on both the PC and the Mac. I don’t need to use option key to produce ? ? ? on either mackine if I’m at its keyboard. Trying to type option-u-u in my TightVNC session window didn’t produce any character in the Mac window or any erro rmessages in Vine Server console.[/quote]

As per the Vine/VNC FAQ, the keyboard support for Vine Server is US 101 only, so if you don’t have that set, and the keyboard you are using is not a US 101, you are unfortunately not going to be able to have some characters generated or mapped properly.

So there’s no workaround?

In my use I have found this to be true:

If you set the keyboard layout on the client Mac (the viewer) to US (Preferences -> International -> Inputmenu and select US, then switch keyboard in the menubar), then the physical keyboard on the client Mac will behave as the keyboard selected in the InputMenu of the vnc-server (remote) Mac.

Example: I (the viewer) connect to a vnc-server Mac (the remote Mac) that has Norwegian keyboard selected in the Input Menu. To make my local keyboard behave like a Norwegian keyboard on the remote Mac I simply switch to US in the Input Menu of my Mac.

When connecting from a Mac VNC client to a Windows vnc-server, I have found that my keyboard behaves like the keyboard I have selected in my InputMenu.
That is if I have Norwegian keyboard selected on my Mac, then all keys on my keyboard replicates the correct characters on the Windows vnc-server, regardless of what keyboard layout is selected on the Windows PC.
This difference as I have learned has to do with a fundamental difference between how this is handled in Windows vs MacOSX.

When controlling a vnc-server Mac with a non-US keyboard layout from a Windows client, the same thing applies as when connecting between two Macs. If you set your Windows PC to US keyboard, the physical keyboard on the Windows PC will act as the selected keyboard layout chosen on the remote Mac.

Copy-Paste of foreign characters is an inconsistent matter. I have found that when running VineViewer towards VineServer, it just works. When running CotVNC towards VineServer, it doesn?t.

When running either Vine or CotVNC towards RealVNC on a Windows PC, I have not made it work. But if I run TridiaVNC on the Windows PC, it works.