Problem with setting VNC and VirtualBox


I am not too familiar with setting up EggPlant connection using the virtual machine as SUT.

I install VNC on my virtual machine but when I try to add in the IP address to EggPlant, it gives me the following error:

“Unable to Contact Server - Socket Error 10060 Occurred”

I have the following network setup on my virtual box.
Connection Type: NAT

What are the proper setting for the virtualbox and vnc for the virtual machine to successfully connect with EggPlant?


It’s generally much easier to do this if you set up your VM with a bridged network connection. This puts it on the same network as the host machine. With a NATted network, the VM is on a private network created by the host machine and the there is a virtual router that acts as a firewall. To run with the NATted network, you may need to set up port forwarding in the VM software to route requests through to the VM.

Is there a guide on how to set up the port forwarding?


No, I’m sorrry, but there is no guide – the exact steps are dependent on the systems and software that are being used. In general, in the device or software that controls the subnet (the one your VM is on in this scenario) you add a rule that says that traffic sent to port 5901 (for example) should be routed to a specific port on a specific machine within the subnet. It doesn’t need to be the same port; it will be the port that the VNC server is running on. So the network interface itself has an IP address or a name (probably just localhost in this scenario) and you will connect eggPlant to that IP and the forwarded port.

It generally makes things much easier if you can set your VMs up to use a bridged network connection, which keeps them on the same subnet as the machine hosting them.