Problem with Pages and server 3.1.2

I’m using Vine Server 3.1.2. When running the server (and not using any vnc client) text in Pages is not visible. (The text is present, and will print, but does not appear on the screen. I’m running Pages 09, and 10.6.6.

If I shut down the vine server and then start Pages, it works normally.

Any thoughts?

Interestingly Keynote has the same issue - the main part of the screen is blank when connecting to vine. 3.1.2 on 10.6


Try turning off the OpenGL APIs in the Vine Server preferences.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve tried with them enabled and disabled, and have the same behavior.

Other ideas?

Just to chime in – I always have Vine Server 3.12 running. I have never seen this issue with Pages on any hardware.

Were you ever able to find the cause? Is this running in an off-screen session or anything else that could be exacerbating the situation?

Thought it might be an issue with Chicken of the VNC, so I downloaded the real VNC Mac version. The behavior is the same.

Open to any other suggestions.

Thanks for reading this post!


FYI - Ive enabled fast user switching on my Mac, and this is how I connect to the background session. Do you think that this is the issue? I understand that audio and devices (like USB connection to ipod) are disabled when an account is not open on the console - might this be related? I suppose it could be a more generalized use case where pages/numbers don’t work when the account is not in the foreground…


I do think that is most likely the case – I can say that with Pages in the main (console) user I have not had that problem.