Problem with Multi user on Tiger

I’ve downloaded OSXVnc 1.6 and dropped it in a subfolder of the application folder, launched the server with the current session.
Then I established a connection with VCNviewer running on an other machine , everything is fine!
Then I opened another session using fast switching and the problem occurs. The previous connection is reset with the message :

  the screen resolution has changed - the server has been reinitialized 

And the connection is definitively broken.
I don’t know where I’ve made a mistake ! (I’ve folowed the instructions in the “How do I set it up?” section of your web page)

Thank you for distributing this wonderful software freely, I very often use it.


You aren’t doing anything wrong. This can happen as the screen resolution changes during the Fast User Switch. If you have configured the server to “restart if it terminates unexpectedly” then your server should come right back up a few seconds later and you can reconnect.

We are working on a fix which will prevent the server from needing to restart during this time.

Is there already a fix for the fast user switch problem on MacOSX 10.4?